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My name is Kristin Currier Ludlow and I’m the sole operator and owner of Source Studio. I have over 15 years in small business and Fortune 500 corporate graphic and web design with companies like Home Depot, Office Depot, and Levenger. I offer personal customer service and intelligent solutions to your design challenges.


Source Studio works with people who “do good in this world”. Non-profits, health & wellness, personal development, quality-of-life industries, artists – I am happy to say I work with visionary people who are a contribution to our society.

Visit and New World Medical, both major redesign & branding projects. Or visit, a new website for a new real estate firm based in South Florida. I have also done work for WOW Health Group, Club One Athletics, The Hippocrates Institute, Vision of Change, and Orri Corp.


Source Studio was born from a desire to work for myself doing what I love – and to help others who want to do the same. Simply put, I love helping others look good. I believe in building relationships with my clients. And that’s why Source Studio offers so much – logos, websites, business cards, print designand coming soonsocial media marketing and SEO services. I also partner with other professionals who provide copywriting, photography, analytics and video creation.

More About Me

In addition to being a designer, I am also a fine artist. I have shown in various underground art shows in South Florida, California and the Boston area. I work with a medium called Scratchboard – basically big heavy boards covered in a layer of white clay. I coat these with india ink then create my compositions with a craft knife. The boards are made my Ampersand Art Supply. My themes are typically of heroism, strength & sensuality. I am also a part-time muralist and faux finisher.

Giving Back

I volunteer my time as a mentor for Gratitude Training, a personal development and leadership training program based in South Florida. Gratitude Training teams create “Legacy” projects where we raise money and donate goods and work to organizations in need in mostly the south Florida area, and sometimes in other countries like Haiti and Nicaragua. I have personally donated art and murals as well as my time and love.

Source Studio also will donate a portion of every design project to charities such as the Samadhi Legacy Foundation which helps rescue pit bulls and unwanted dogs in the Las Vegas area, and The Bumi Sehat Foundation, an organization in Bali that helps impoverished Balinese women have healthier, natural childbirths.


I am married to a boat captain and we have 1 dog and 2 cats, all rescues. My husband and I are both Boston natives enjoying our sunny life in south Florida.

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