Getting Started

Are we a good fit?

I care about what I do and only want to work with people I really like. And you should too. My goal is to make this easy and fun for you – and to see you make your dreams a reality.

You Are Clear

We all gotta start somewhere. But where are you gonna end up? Who are you? Who are your clients? What is your unique selling proposition? If you are unclear, the process of designing will be painful for all of us. I only work with people who are 100% clear.

The clearer you get about your goals – the easier (and more exciting!!!!) this will be.

You “Get” Content

I work with a lot of people who have something to say. They know how to build an audience. They “get” email marketing, CRMs, videos, presentations, white papers, professional photography, copywriting, blogging and brand awareness.

If you don’t have content – or an audience – you’ve got to be 100% committed to creating it. I don’t have a magic wand, ya know 🙂

You’re Vision-Driven

Tell me you get out of the bed each day SUPER-STOKED to pursue your dreams. I know I do. Are you passionate? Willing to-do-whatever-it-takes? Or are you dragging your feet? We all have our moments. But if you aren’t committed to this for the long-haul, it’s gonna be painful for everyone. Let’s use our time wisely.

So do a gut check. KNOW this is it. KNOW you want excellence and are willing to work hard to achieve it.

You “Get” Team

That means – NO CONTROL FREAKS. You hired a professional (me) because you know what you’re good at and designing things is NOT it. In fact, you understand the value of team so well, you credit your current and future success on it. You trust yourself to hire people you trust.

Don’t try to do everything alone or micro-manage. I am part of your team and I want you to succeed.


I won’t work with anyone who does not have a budget in mind. If you have no clue how much the kind of website you want costs, it’s time to get one. Princely aspirations on a pauper budget will only sticker-shock you and waste our time. Know what you want – and what range you are willing to invest. Not everyone is ready for a serious site – and that’s OK.

Still with me?

You Have Time

I don’t do anything “ASAP” or “yesterday”. Good design take time and planning. I care about what I do – and I expect you to care  too. That means I will need your 100% cooperation to work with my timeline and respect my process. Trust me, it’s FUN!

If I don’t get that, we will go our separate ways. There are many options for someone in a hurry – just not me.

Still there? Hit the Work With Us button below and let’s go!

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