Source Studio re-launches non-profit website Vision of Change, adding new Stripe functionality for online donations.

I am proud to be re-launching the improved website. This was a typical WordPress premium theme installation that had not been configured at all – like….nothing worked. OK…a link or two. But content, images, navigation, general usability – were an epic fail.

Wini Taylor, one of the recent 2016 recipients of the “100 Outstanding Women of Broward County“, was in a bind to drive donors and sponsors to her site to see what Vision of Change did for the children of Nicaragua but realized the site did not tell her story and even worse – was not doing a good job allowing people to donate to a worthy cause. With an upcoming trip to Nicaragua and a push to raise funds, she asked #sourcestudio to set her site up properly.

Not only did we properly set up the theme, we populated the pages with fresh content talking about the various projects Vision of Change has done of the years and also their story. We came up with a plan to delineate between the various users the site should attract – single-time donors, recurring donors, sponsors and volunteers. We made sure we had clear calls-to-action for each user group. We also made sure the site had a valid SSL certificate to give online donors peace-of-mind.

For this launch, we had previously tested various donation plugins that were unsatisfying and finally settled on WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe. We also cleaned up some of the weird design bugs that came along with the theme.

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